Agent Program

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HaitiTalk Agent Program

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a telecommunications company on its way to the top?

Who wouldn’t be?

HaitiTalk is now opening its doors to agents who can help promote our international long distance service and mobile top ups while earning revenue for their businesses at the same time. The best part is, getting started couldn’t be any easier!

All you need is a PC or Cellular with an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Within just days, you will discover why HaitiTalk is a service that literally sells itself.

Our agent program started when we realized we simply couldn’t handle all of our orders on our own due to rapid growth. We decided that instead of hiring hundreds of new employees, we would open up the opportunity to agents who could help us, while earning money for themselves too. Our agents are large retailers, individuals and mobile phone operators, we take all kinds! What our agents all have in common though is they all got started selling with us for ZERO investment on their part.

Why Haititalk sells so well

We won’t pretend to be modest. We have a product that really sells. Our customers love HaitiTalk because we offer the clearest calls, the lowest prices and the simplest ways to make long distance calls and send international mobile top ups.

People with loved ones living overseas know, when they need to feel closer to their friends and family, HaitiTalk is the only sensible way. When we connect people so easily and so cheaply, you’ll wonder how the other international long distance companies manage to stay in business.

Agents love our competitive rates

We can talk all day about our features and customer loyalty, but we know what you’re really here for is the money. Don’t fear, HaitiTalk commission schedule is the most competitive of any telecommunications program in the industry.

At HaitiTalk, we like to think of our agents as more than just “agents”, but as partners instead. To show you just how much we care, we offer residual income on sales for every customer you refer. That means you don’t just earn money the first time they top up, but every time they top up after that too.

What Our Customers Say

Jamie Span

Graphic Designer

Fast and quite easy to use. I will definitely use again.

Caroline Jean

Store Manager

The offering to Haiti was very aggressive for us.

Marine Lee


My mother received more money through HaitiTalk than other providers.