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We know times are tough right now, but cost shouldn’t have to be a factor when keeping in touch with your loved ones. Unfortunately, with traditional international calling services, the cost often prevents you from calling the people you want to stay in touch with.

With HaitiTalk, you enjoy rates that are significantly lower than the leading phone companies. With no connection or deactivation fees, you are free to try our service with no risk or commitment.

  • Simpler Calling Without PINs

  • Remembering your PIN is hard enough at the bank and you only go there once a week. Why would you ever want to have to enter a PIN to make a call? With HaitiTalk, you don’t need to. Thanks to a speedy and efficient activation process, all you need to do is activate your device with HaitiTalk and you are ready to start making calls around the world for pennies!

  • Easy and convenient

  • Remember the days of calling cards with their long 40+ digit codes that had to be typed in for every call? Sorry, we didn’t mean to bring up such tedious memories, it’s just that HaitiTalk improves on the old formula in almost every way.

    In the world we live in today, things just don’t work unless they are simple to use. We have spent years perfecting our system to the point that even a child could use it. To really see the difference, just imagine a young child trying to place a call with a standard calling card. At HaitiTalk, we believe convenience is everything.

  • The Clearest Calls to Anywhere in the World

  • Cheap and easy doesn’t mean a thing if the level of quality can’t back it up. Thankfully, HaitiTalk offers you crystal clear calls while still managing to be friendly to your wallet.

    It’s hard enough to feel close to your loved ones when they are halfway around the world. With the call quality from HaitiTalk though, you would swear they were picking up the phone from your neighbor’s house down the street. With HaitiTalk, that huge distance between you and your loved ones just got a whole lot smaller.

What Our Customers Say

Jamie Span

Graphic Designer

Fast and quite easy to use. I will definitely use again.

Caroline Jean

Store Manager

The offering to Haiti was very aggressive for us.

Marine Lee


My mother received more money through HaitiTalk than other providers.